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Fuck your obsession, I don't need that shit

We are human beings. We have invented the law. The law is to distinguish us from other animals (but we are animals nevertheless), so we follow it to be men and women and not just male and female.
As we follow the law it rules us. Those, who offend and defy the law, commit a crime. They are more animals then all the others and they are criminals. So as we know every crime must be followed and completed by punishment. They join hands, and it’s the law too.
Any circumstances are possible, and any reasons. That can either justify the lawbreaker being a vital need or blame him even more like an unjustified cruelty. The crimes are different, bad or worse, horrible or disgusting, deliberate or accidental. The punishment differs too but it has to have place.
Who is the one to judge? We are. Each of us. Each of us is the one to judge ourselves. And to judge the others we have judges, and to bring a criminal to trial (of course he won’t go there voluntarily) we have the police and Mr. policemen.
The novel of Maugham “footprints in the jungle” gives us an example where the crime is committed and the criminals are found but not exposed as Mr. policeman didn’t want to punish them. He justified them and he even justified himself saying they should be judged by God. Isn’t it an adjudication? And. Isn’t it a crime? Shouldn’t this person be punished too? Yes it is. Yes it is too. And yes he should. But we are not to be his judges and to adjudicate, are we? As they say, look at it, remember it and never do the same as well.
The only thing I agree with Mr. Gaze is I wouldn’t like the job of judge. Such a power would make me an executioner and probably a criminal too. Well yes I’m too violent to judge. As violent as each of human beings who have invented the law to break it.

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